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You're more than welcome to write me with any viewpoints on my images. I should appreciate that very much.

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Should you like to have a print of one or more photographs from my galleries, please contact me.

Prints are processed on original HP Premium Plus Photo Paper. As standard both gloss and soft matt paper is available. Furthermore, original HP ink with 9-color technology (6 colors, 2 greys and 1 black) is used. This combination makes the pictures extremely fast. Properly stored in a closed, archival album or hung behind glass, these prints will last a century or more, according to third party (Henry Wilhelm Laboraties in the USA). I should like to send prints of these test reports on request.

Prints are available in sizes up to appr. 38 x 28 cm (15 x 11 in).

If a photo in some way does not fulfill your expectations, there is a full guarantee. Just let me know 7 days at the latest after you have received the photo, and it can be exchanged with another, or you can have a full refund, when I have received the photo.

No photo purchased for personal use may be scanned or placed elsewhere on the internet. My images are available for commercial use also, either as paper prints or in high resolution digital form. Inquire about availability, uses permitted and fees.

You can also buy at The output here is high quality prints framed in different ways. Click the below link to see more:


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